Dueling Pianos Road show


  • Who in the World is Jami McNeill?
    She’s talented, beautiful, and surprisingly loud for such a small human. She likes her vodka cold and her cigarettes lit. She loves to travel and entertain people from coast to coast, from her home in Charleston, South Carolina, to wherever the Dueling Pianos Road Show might take her on tour. She is Jami McNeill. And … Read more
  • How to Tour in a Band (or Whatever)
    We found this this morning and thought that we should share it with our fans across the country who have come to our shows and asked, “can we come on the bus?” and also “will you buy me a drink?” but mostly “what’s it like to tour?” Answer: Touring is hard work, but it’s a … Read more
  • Who In The World Is Ashley Owen?
    You’ve seen him. You’ve met him. You love him. From coast to coast, from your mom’s house to your sister’s wig shop, Ashley Owen is everywhere. But who IS he? What is it that makes the best looking bald man in entertainment tick? First of all, you must know this about Ashe: he loves his … Read more
  • Corporate Events and Dueling Pianos
    You’ve seen our raucous party crowds, our calldowns and skits. You’ve heard our, uh, interesting takes on classic songs you’ve known for decades.  And you’ve probably had the shots we’ve ordered from the bar for the entire club. With all that in mind, can Dueling Pianos Road Show be the answer for your corporate entertainment … Read more
  • Cutting Edge: Keytar Heroes is one of a kind
    There was a time in Your Humble Correspondent’s life that I thought the keytar — long a staple of the new-wave bands I so loved tolerated — was a made-up instrument, an invention of the musical industrial complex to capture the imagination of kids just like me who wanted to be able to stand up … Read more
  • Can Dueling Pianos be Kid Friendly?
    This is probably one of the more common questions we receive at Dueling Pianos Road Show World HQ. If you’re like most folks, you’ve seen our full show in a club or at a bar, or you’ve seen one of our players in Las Vegas or Seattle or Mars or Toledo, and you says to … Read more